Current status

In autumn 2019, a Polish team of experts on behalf of the Mamlock Foundation examined the bank area of ​​the Kaminsee and the lawn of the new sports field for gravestones that were suspected to be in the ground or in the bank area, but this has not yet led to any positive results.

On an area in the fringing area of ​​the former burial mound, an extensive old foundation plate prevented a more detailed investigation of this terrain. It is not unlikely that remains of the deported cemetery could be found below this concrete seal.

There are plans to create a memorial site on the Kaminsee near the site of the former cemetery. In a lapidarium with all the tombstones found so far, the history of the Jewish community in Garnsee is traced on panels, which was founded by the Berlin historian Dr. Gabriele Bergner was researched. Using QR codes, it is then possible to use multimedia to access family trees, documents, images and translations of the texts in Polish, German, English and Hebrew, which trace the varied biographies of the Jewish families of Garnsee.

This German-Polish joint project under the leadership of the Mamlock Foundation aims to raise awareness of the Jewish history of Garnsee again.

It is an initial project for further reconstructions and restoration of former Jewish cemeteries and community facilities in the region and in cooperation with the FODZ, see