Project Team of the Federal Republic of Germany

Project developer and coordinator

Michael Mamlock,
Businessman, Berlin

Science Director Germany

Dr. Gabriele Bergner, Memento Berlin
Historian, Teltow/Berlin

Specialist staff

Jens Leder, M.A.,
Historian and member of the Interessengemeinschaft Historische Friedhöfe (IGHF, Interest Group of Historic Cemeteries), Berlin

Ingo Paul,
Altphilologist and genealogist, author of the family database “Jews in the German Reich” with about 200.000 names, Bremen

Anna Kolera, M.A.,
Polish translations, interpreting and correspondence, Munich

Project Team of the Republic of Poland

Coordination Poland

Malgorzata A. Quinkenstein, M.A.,
Art historian, research associate at the Centre for Historical Research Berlin (PAN) of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Scientific Director Poland

Lukasz Rzepczynski,
Curator and museum employee, Kwidzyn/Poland

Specialist staff

Ryszard Bartosiak,
History teacher and journalist, Gardeja/Poland