Saving Jewish cultural heritage – part of the cradle of European civilisation
Preserving peace – remembering and learning together
From generation to generation — L`DOR VADOR

Wills and legacies for the MAMLOCK FOUNDATION – From generation to generation – L`DOR VADOR

Through your will, you can regulate your estate according to your own wishes.
To achieve complete legal security, we recommend using the services of a lawyer/notary. In addition to leaving bequests to your natural heirs, you can also consider a charitable organisation.
We have a lot of plans for today and for the future for the generations to come. All of our projects serve to promote a peaceful and democratic future.
For this we need you by our side, as donors, friends, testamentary donors, and benefactors.

With its recognised charitable status, the MAMLOCK FOUNDATION is completely exempt from gift and inheritance taxes.


I look forward to getting to know you and would be very happy to talk to you in person.
If you wish, we can recommend a lawyer.

We have contacts to lawyers in Germany, Israel, the Republic of Poland, Switzerland and the USA.

Johanna M. Neumann
Managing Partner
Phone: +49 30 91 45 70 82