Johanna M. Neumann

  • Managing Partner
  • Born in Bernstadt auf dem Eigen
  • Communications expert
  • Qualified advertising copywriter

Mobil: +49 179 111 22 41

Professional background

1996 to 2016 Björn Schulz Stiftung with children’s hospice Sonnenhof

Developing, implementing and supervising the following areas:

  • Inheritance, small donations and large donors nationwide, companies, banks, funeral homes, events e.g. golf tournaments, three marathons nationwide, including public relations. The development of the Björn Schulz Stiftungs’s Association, creation of print materials from flyers to the inheritance brochure.

Before 1996

  • Trade fair construction/agency
  • Acquisition of exhibition stands, fairs and exhibitions, including the execution
    of subject-specific media planning on a regional and national level, creation and realisation of print materials.


  • Advertisements/communications, advertisement acquisition, client consulting including the expansion of the contact database, working with agencies to, among other things, realise special advertising topics, organising fair participation and supervision on site.
  • Development and realisation of all print materials, radio spots, press information.
  • Information/documentation: development of a thesaurus for editorial requirements including the editorial information cycle, source research and additional work for individual editing needs and projects.

Private engagements

  • Member of the Foreign Press Hamburg
  • Member of the Humboldt University Society
  • Member of the Stiftungsnetzwerk Berlin steering group until 2017.

Michael Mamlock

  • Businessman, born in Berlin

Mobil: +49 172 389 09 80

Professional engagements:

Managing Partner of a business consulting company active on the national and international levels.

Private engagements:

  • Decades active in Jewish genealogy for memorial sites, organisations and private persons.
  • Years of experience and active work in fund-raising and projects for for-profit and non-profit organisations.
  • 2002-2004 founding member and chair of the board of the Förderverein Jüdischer Friedhof Berlin-Weißensee e.V. (Association for the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee)
    Representing the Association and fund-raising in Germany and Israel.
  • From 2005, involvement in the Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg’s temporary exhibition “We Were Neighbours: biographies of Jewish contemporary witnesses”.
    Preparation of a biographical album of my family for the exhibition.
  • Since 2008, one of the chief negotiators in the drive to gain the status of “permanent exhibition” for what was then a temporary one, in collaboration with the district authority and the association “Frag doch!” Verein für Begegnung und Erinnerung e.V.
    As a result of these positive negotiations, the temporary exhibition was converted to a permanent exhibition by the Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg and with the support of Andre Schmitz, the cultural senator at the time, for the city of Berlin in 2010.
  • On 30/04/2008, founding member of the Jewish Forum for Democracy and against Antisemitism (JFDA) within the Jewish community in Berlin.
    Since 2012, the Forum has been active independently as a non-profit.
  • Since 2014, member of the board of trustees and active collaborator in support of the memorial for Jewish refugees in Basel/Riehen/Switzerland
    From 2015-2018, active in obtaining financing for the renewal of the permanent exhibition, founded in 2011, in close collaboration with the Foreign Ministry in Berlin and the German Embassy in Bern.
    The exhibition was opened on 15/05/2018 in the presence of notable supporters, representatives from the Ministry and historians from Switzerland and Germany.
  • Responsible for fund-raising, press and public relations and for the initiation of international contacts to integrate the memorial site into the European memorials network.
  • Since 2014, developing a project in the Republic of Poland to reconstruct a Jewish cemetery on the Vistula.
    Alongside this project, there have been ongoing negotiations to buy the existing synagogue building, to which the cemetery belonged, as an filial community, up to 1945, for restoration as a national ensemble for religious and cultural uses. To this end, a project team comprising historians in Germany and Poland was founded in 2015.
  • In 2019, the “Train to Freedom” project was founded with the St. Gallen University of Education / Switzerland. Further academic partners are the Free University of Berlin and the Charles University in Prague.
    It is an international-European research, exhibition and memorial project. The aim of this project is for students to deal with the Shoah and National Socialism and thus overcome the growing distance from historical events and decisively counter the growing anti-Semitism of political movements.
    Therefore, the content of the project is included in the teaching of all three universities.