Train to freedom


In February 1945, 1200 inmates of the Theresienstadt concentration camp were rescued from the extermination of the Holocaust. They took the train to freedom

Bauschwitz    –    Leitmeric    –     Eger     –    Augsburg    –    Ulm    –    Friedrichshafen    –    St.Fiden    –    St.Gallen

They reached Switzerland in the early morning of 7 February 1945.

Those saved were:
636 Germans and Austrians
434 Dutch
103 Czechs

Their salvation was owed to the initiative of private individuals.

The initiators of this project are the Mamlock Foundation and St. Gallen University of Teacher Education. We are working together with three academic partners:

First, the historical background was researched in depth using archival source materials in the three countries. The goal is to reach out to a broad audience, particularly school pupils. The results will be made accessible to the public on a website. In Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic, local sites of remembrance and exhibitions will be set up.

The development of teaching material for schools in the three countries is an important component of the project, set up to run for four years.